Trump Campaign Director In Hawaii Overcome With Emotion After ‘Triumphant’ Victory [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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One of the directors for Donald Trump’s campaign in Hawaii, Nathan Paikiai teared up with emotion right after Trump won Hawaii saying, “I’m just overwhelmed.”

After Trump received 42 percent of the vote in Hawaii Tuesday night, Paikiai said, “Mahalo Hawaii, mahalo Donald Trump for coming out and being the candidate that America needs. I am overwhelmed by even the turnout tonight statewide that they would choose Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the best candidate that America needs and together we can make America great again.”

“I am just overwhelmed, I am from Hawaiian descent and to be in this position because Mr. Trump said that he would do this, he doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the prestige, he just wanted to to what was best for all people.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Wins Hawaii Caucuses Handily)

KHON2 News Reporter Brent Remadna followed up, “What’s your reaction on how many people came out to caucus today?”

“That’s why I’m overwhelmed because the media and everything else tried to put Trump down,” Paikiai said. “But tonight, Donald Trump was triumphant in the state of Hawaii because the people came out. Why do we call them race? They’re humans. They all came out. I mean the lines, they [were] in the rain. I’m just overwhelmed.


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