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Amid Supposed Breitbart Exodus, Patrick Howley Returns: ‘I’m Back And Better Than Ever!’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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As Breitbart News threw reporter Michelle Fields under the bus, her colleague Patrick Howley reaped serious fallout by daring to ask questions about the recent dustup between Fields and Donald Trump spokesman Corey Lewandowksi. Last Thursday, Howley was suspended for publishing four critical tweets first reported by Politico‘s Hadas Gold. The tweets were deleted, but the damage was done.

But who cares?


Today — after just four days of suspension — Howley’s comfortably back at Breitbart News.

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“I’m back and better than ever,” Howley said in a brief phone call with The Mirror. “I’m excited to get back on the campaign trail for Breitbart News and I appreciate all the support everyone on Twitter and Facebook and blogs and I think that Breitbart made the right decision today [to let me back].”

Amid all the disgust and the rules over at Breitbart, publicist Kurt Bardella resigned, followed by Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro and ultimately Fields, who went on Fox News and expressed her disappointment that her employer did not support her version of the story.

And just in case Bardella needs an head hunter, Howley’s available.

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What did Howley do during his suspension?

“I just was in my life,” he said. “I went to a concert, I met some lovely women. I enjoyed myself. I would like to say that I wish Kurt Bardella all the best in his future endeavors and I hope he ends up getting some good clients out of this. Maybe the National Restaurant Association will take him on. I wish him the best.”

Asked if he was seriously wishing Bardella well, Howley replied, “NO!”

When questioned if he worried that he might not make it back to Breitbart, he remarked, “I stood up on principal, and if they didn’t have me back then so be it. I am pleased to rejoin them.”

Breitbart News majorly wavered between supporting Fields and suggested that she mistakenly thought the Trump spokesman had “nearly” shoved her to the ground and grabbed her arm. Reporters were subsequently warned not to defend her.

Disclosure: Patrick Howley used to sit inches away from me at The Daily Caller before he moved over to Breitbart News. He was always very polite to The Mirror. I witnessed him eat a lot of Cheetos. I once saw him throw up in a trash can. 

UPDATE: When asked for comment on Howley’s return to Breitbart, Bardella told The Mirror, “I’m glad Patrick has been able to return to work, seems like Breitbart needs him now more than ever.”