Cruz Accuses Trump Of Planting ‘Sleaze’ In National Enquirer

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] on Friday called a National Enquirer article — which accused the Texas senator of 5 separate affairs — “garbage” and “completely false.”

He also accused Donald Trump of manufacturing the allegations.

In a Facebook post, Cruz said, “I want to be crystal clear: these attacks are garbage. For Donald J. Trump to enlist his friends at the National Enquirer and his political henchmen to do his bidding shows you that there is no low Donald won’t go.” (RELATED: Trump Retweets Photo Mocking Ted Cruz’s Wife’s Looks)

“These smears are completely false, they’re offensive to Heidi and me, they’re offensive to our daughters, and they’re offensive to everyone Donald continues to personally attack.”  (RELATED: Trump Tweets Threat To ‘Spill The Beans’ On Cruz’s Wife, Cruz Calls Trump A ‘Coward’)

“Donald Trump’s consistently disgraceful behavior is beneath the office we are seeking and we are not going to follow.” (RELATED: Cruz To Trump: ‘You’re A Sniveling Coward, Leave Heidi The Hell Alone’ [VIDEO])

Prior to the Facebook post, Cruz said that when Trump is “losing, when he’s scared, [he] decides to peddle sleaze and slime.”


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