Police Chief Cracks Joke About Kid Who Drilled Cruiser With Football [VIDEO]

Ed Delmore (Credit: Screenshot/Fox Video)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Gulf Shores, Alabama police chief Ed Delmore appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning in a golden interview to discuss a college student on spring break who drilled a police SUV with a football.

Kameron Heady thought it’d be hilarious to post a video on social media of him firing a football at the police, but the police hit back with an arrest warrant. (RELATED: Bro On Spring Break Drills Cop Car With Beautiful Football Throw, Exactly What You Expect Happens Next [VIDEO])

Delmore couldn’t help but drop a sports line while on Fox.

“One of his friends tweeted it, and you could say we intercepted it,” the police chief said.

He also said Heady did not turn himself into the authorities as instructed, but instead went back to Texas. Negotiations for his surrender back to Alabama are currently ongoing, and Delmore made it clear that the cops are only going to grow more frustrated as time goes on.


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