Levin: Wisconsin Was A ‘Crushing Victory For Cruz’

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Mark Levin says the Wisconsin primary was “crushing defeat” for Donald Trump and a “crushing victory” for Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore].

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday, Levin said it is a “very important” result for Cruz because the Texas senator gives conservatives “an opportunity for the first time since Reagan’s second election to actually nominate a conservative.” (RELATED: Levin Invites Trump And Cruz To Debate One-On-One [VIDEO])

Hewitt asked Levin what he thought about the Wisconsin results and he said, “Well, it was a crushing defeat for Trump, and a crushing victory for Cruz. I don’t see any other way to spell this out. I’ve looked at these exit polls, and it looks like Cruz won across the board.” (RELATED: Mark Levin Endorses Ted Cruz)

Levin did note that “There’s no expectation he’ll win New York, although he can do better in New York. There are some good states coming up, you know, Nebraska, Washington state, Oregon and so forth for Cruz.”

“[I]f you’re under 45, you’ve never actually had an opportunity to vote for a solid conservative,” Levin said, insisting that “Cruz is that.”

Levin then turned to defend Cruz’s reputation arguing, “he’s a thoroughly decent guy. And I think people are repulsed by the effort to turn him into some kind of a womanizing, sleazy liar. I mean, really? Ted Cruz? A guy I’ve known for over two decades? If that’s who he is, that’s a big surprise to a lot of us.

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