Sanders Hits Clinton With A Sick Bern


Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton should apologize to the victims of the Iraq War in response to a question about calls for him to apologize to victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Hillary has recently been harping on Sanders’ vote against a law to that would allow gun manufactures to be liable to lawsuit from shootings. Family members of the victims in the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting are currently attempting to sue Remington. Sanders reaffirmed his view on this issue in a recent interview with the New York Daily News. Hillary Clinton has since used quotes from this interview to fundraise.

One of the family members who is suing said Sanders, “owes families like mine and families involved in the lawsuit an apology because he really has had a callous dismissal of our concerns and our fight for justice. He is picking the gun lobby over our families.”

Clinton was one of 77 senators to vote for the Iraq war. Sanders voted nay. While the former secretary of state has more foreign policy experience than Bernie, he has focused on what he views as Clinton’s misguided vote on the Iraq war whenever foreign affairs are brought up.