Sanders Fumes: How Much Have I Said About Hillary’s Emails? ‘Not A Word’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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In defending himself against Hillary Clinton campaign’s assertion that his recent attacks have been personal, Bernie Sanders reminded his opponent that he’s said “not a word” about her email scandal or questions about foreign donations her family’s foundation.

In an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday, Sanders insisted that bringing up Clinton’s vote for the war in Iraq, her votes for “disastrous trade agreements,” and her donations from Wall Street are not vitriolic attacks. (RELATED: Any One Of These Four Laws Could Put Hillary, Aides In Jail)

Sanders was asked about the New York Times op-ed written by Paul Krugman, which claimed that the Vermont senator’s “recent attacks on Mrs. Clinton as a tool of the fossil fuel industry are just plain dishonest, and speak of a campaign that has lost its ethical moorings.” (WATCH: Hillary Clinton Angrily Yells At Voter: ‘I Am So Sick!’)

Sanders replied, “Oh man, we get attacked every single day. I’ve been called a protector of the NRA. The Clinton campaign has said I want to dismember American health care and leave people without Medicaid or Medicare, that I am attacking Planned Parenthood when I think Planned Parenthood is one of the great organizations in this country.” (VIDEO: Sanders: Unborn Children Do Not Have Rights)

He later continued, “You know, how often have I talked about Hillary Clinton’s emails? Have you heard me? Not a word. How often have I talked about the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising? Have you heard me say one word about it during the campaign? To say that I am running a vitriolic campaign —” (WATCH: Bernie Sanders Says He’s Tired Of Hearing About Hillary’s ‘Damn Emails’)

“Why haven’t you?” host Joe Scarborough asked Sanders. He laughed.

Host Mika Brzezinski followed up, “Some of them are very good questions.”

Sanders replied, “They are, but I have tried to stay away from personal attacks on Hillary.” (VIDEO: Hillary: Sanders ‘Hadn’t Done His Homework’)

“When I get attacked for being unqualified and when I respond by saying, ‘Well, you know, Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq, she voted for all these disastrous trade agreements, she’s raising millions and millions of dollars from Wall Street and other special interests’ — Oh, my goodness, isn’t that a vitriolic attack? I don’t think so,” Sanders claimed. (VIDEO: Sanders Campaign Manager: ‘We’re Fully Prepared’ To Fight Dirty Against Hillary)

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