Sanders Campaign Manager: ‘We’re Fully Prepared’ To Fight Dirty Against Hillary [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for Bernie Sanders says the campaign is “fully prepared” to fight against Hillary Clinton in a “rough and tumble” campaign.

In an interview on “MSNBC Live” with Tamron Hall on Thursday, Weaver said that Sanders “is not going to be a punching bag for the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Weaver slammed Clinton for her vote in favor of the Iraq war, arguing that it is “easy to say you’re ‘sorry’ after you send Americans to war in an endless war that obviously resulted in the loss of American lives, of Iraqi lives, and American treasure. But, you know, the secretary really has not taken responsibility for the impact of that war. It’s easy to say you’re sorry for something many years later.”

Hall then asked Weaver, “Has the campaign reached a new low as alleged by supporters of Hillary Clinton?”

[dcquiz] Laughing, Weaver replied, “Look, Tamron, Bernie Sanders has run an issue-oriented campaign from the beginning. He continues to do so and as he expressed on television this morning, that’s what he would like to continue to do. But let’s be clear. You know, the Hillary campaign wants to engage in these kinds of negative attacks, attacking in his character, his qualifications. He is not going to be a punching bag for the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Weaver said, “We’re in New York now, they it’s a little more rough and tumble, and they think, maybe, someone from Vermont can’t sort of engage in that level of campaigning, but believe me, we’re fully prepared to go there if that’s where they want to go.”

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