4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Apparently, Mother’s Day is coming up. I say that only half in jest: Obviously, May is the next month, and Mother’s Day is in May. But this year the holiday is on May 8, which is literally the earliest it can be. So, yeah, it’s time to figure out what you are getting for your mom.

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for Mother’s Day gift ideas. One popular one this year seems to be a Fitbit. Amazon even has a section on its website called “Get your mom the gift of Fitbit.” Now I love Fitbits, and I love my mom. But I would never ever get my mother a fitness device for her special day. I’m sorry, but “you should really keep better track of your health” is not the message I try to send the second Sunday of each May. Maybe that’s just me.

For those who want to show Mom they care without insulting her, here are four other gift ideas.

Framed Picture

Washed wood frames are available in many sizes, colors and designs (Photo via Amazon)

Washed wood frames are available in many sizes, colors and designs (Photo via Amazon)

With the exception of flowers (which aren’t a real gift), a framed photograph is the ur-Mother’s Day gift. That’s a good thing! Moms always want more pictures of their children (or grandchildren), and framed photos have been an unfortunate casualty of the Facebook revolution. Washed wood frames are particularly mom-chic, and Malden Suns has many options with regards to size, color and design. It’s up to you to provide the photograph, though.

Malden Sun Washed Woods Turquoise Distressed Picture Frame, 5 by 7 inch – $19.99


The Kindle Oasis comes out just in time for Mother's Day (Photo via Amazon)

The Kindle Oasis comes out just in time for Mother’s Day (Photo via Amazon)

This much is true: Moms like to read. You could get her a nice book, such as the new Nora Roberts fare or the play that saved Alexander Hamilton’s place on the ten-dollar bill. You could also give her access to many, many books. You could get her a Kindle. The Amazon Fire 6 HD is currently on sale for a very reasonable $69.99. If you want to show your mom you REALLY love her, get her the brand new Kindle, the Oasis, which comes out just in time for Mother’s Day. Or if you want to look elsewhere in the Alexa orbit, there are some highly touted options out there, such as the Echo and the Tap.

Amazon Fire 6 HD on sale for $69.99

Pre-order the Kindle Oasis for $289.99


Wine Decanter

Every wine drinker needs a decanter, but few buy them (Photo via Amazon)

Every wine drinker needs a decanter, but few buy them (Photo via Amazon)

Wine glassware is one of those essentials that moms always seem to need. If your mom loves wine but is all set with glasses, there is no better gift out there than a wine decanter. A decanter is something that every wine drinker should own but many never obtain. Decanters insure against the loss of flavor that comes with storage in a regular bottle. The Le Chateau decanter has one of the best customer ratings I have ever seen. It has received 162 five-star reviews and only two four-star reviews. Nothing less. Numbers like that make me consider getting this for myself for Mother’s Day.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter – $49.99

Coffee Grinder

Once Mom starts grinding her own coffee beans, she'll never go back (Photo via Amazon)

Once Mom starts grinding her own coffee beans, she’ll never go back (Photo via Amazon)

The key to a successful Mother’s Day gift is that must be something she could really use, but would never get for herself. Like the decanter, a coffee grinder falls into this category. If your mom is a coffee drinker, she really should own a grinder. Coffee beans themselves always make for a great gift, but they are completely inutile without any way to grind them. As with the wine decanter, the point of the coffee grinder is to significantly enhance the flavor of a product that Mom already enjoys. Let’s just say this: After people start grinding their own coffee, they rarely go back.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder – $29.99

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