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New Ted Cruz Ad Takes Us Inside Hillary’s ‘War Room’

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Most political ads that attempt humor fall flat. And while there are a lot of things I like about [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore], a funny guy he is not. So it’s surprising that his campaign ads are actually pretty amusing. Well, compared to most campaign ads, at least.

A couple of months ago, the Cruz campaign depicted Hillary taking out her e-mail server, Office Space-style. His latest ad shows us what he thinks she’s doing right now:

“He has the second-highest disapproval ratings of anybody running for president.”
“Who has the highest?”

It seems unlikely that any of these actors have ever done porn, but they’re pretty good anyway. And that actress looks just like Hillary Clinton. I guess that’s a pretty mean thing to say…

Okay, Trumpkins, time to whine about all the “lies” in this ad. Go right ahead. I know you can’t help it.

(Hat tip: my close personal friend Brad Thor)