The Real Reason Kelly Ripa Won’t Leave ‘Live’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kelly Ripa, host of the talk show “Live with Kelly and Michael,” may be skipping work and upset after learning Michael Strahan was quitting, but producers of the show aren’t worried about her leaving anytime soon.

The talk show host didn’t show up for work Tuesday and has taken the rest of the week off after learning that Strahan was leaving in the fall to join “Good Morning America” full-time. But regardless of her current actions, higher-ups are reportedly not worried about her jumping ship because of her lifestyle habits.

“Our sources say ABC brass isn’t worried that Ripa will bail on the show,”TMZ reported. “We’re told she makes just shy of $15 million a year, and her lifestyle eats up most of it.”

The report goes on to say,”She makes a lot of money, but she spends a lot of money, and so does he.”

As previously reported, Ripa has been criticized by TV insiders for her response to the news. Some have even said she is acting like a “child,” a “diva” and “hurting her reputation.”