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The Split Was So Amicable, Glenn Beck Can’t Even Say His Editor-In-Chief’s Name

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Glenn Beck‘s blood is allegedly boiling over reports that TheBlaze‘s departing Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker didn’t leave under peaceful circumstances. Please keep in mind, he never says he didn’t fire his editor-in-chief.

In an emotional outpouring, Beck won’t even name his now ex-editor-in-chief by name.

Hey Beck…his name, it’s SCOTT BAKER.

I returned to my sourcing to check on what I reported the other day. What I wrote was reconfirmed and then some.

Meanwhile, here’s Beck’s passive-aggressive bitchfest about the story. To be fair, he’s likely also complaining about Lloyd Grove‘s reportage about what life is really like inside TheBlaze.

We recently parted ways with one of the early hires at TheBlaze. When I see stories being written, anonymous sources being quoted, good human beings being disparaged simply for clicks, it makes my blood boil.

Beck goes on to call him “this employee.”

He won’t even give poor Baker a gender: “We wish our former colleague nothing but success in all they [sic] do.”

The big tell is the line with “6 years.” Guess WHO had six years at TheBlaze?

Ding. Ding. Ding. Of course, it was Baker.