Rogue Republic: Felonious Voting In The Commonwealth

Bill Wilson Board Member, Americans for Limited Government
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Actions have consequences – or at least they used to. In the current debt-addled, dependent, increasingly dystopian iteration of our American Republic, accountability has given way to evasion, responsibility has been replaced by relativism and punishments have been pushed aside in favor of perpetual accommodation – unless of course there’s a politically-correct “teachable moment” to be had.

Formerly a bastion of industry and innovation – our nation has become indolent and dependent, awash in excuses and double standards.

Enabling this ongoing cultural deterioration are our own rogue governments. These reckless “thugocracies” insist on imposing equal outcomes for newly created categories of “oppressed” peoples – all at the expense of our prosperity, our liberty and our safety. And as they consume ever-larger chunks of our income to produce steadily deteriorating economic, educational and societal outcomes, the pretenses for their increasingly heavy-handed actions continue to slip further into absurdity — all while their respect for the rule of law diminishes.

Rather than protecting free speech, our leaders are erecting “safe spaces” for college students who don’t respect others’ First Amendment rights. Rather than securing our borders, politicians in Washington, D.C. are extending benefits to illegals who are already placing an unsustainable drain on local, state and federal budgets. And instead of fighting for our workers and their wages (which provides for the existence of government), elected officials are selling our people down the river via crony capitalist bailouts and rigged trade deals.

The latest example of this “up is down, down is up” approach to the people’s business can be found in Virginia. There governor Terry McAuliffe – the former national Democratic party chairman – is unilaterally allowing 200,000 felons to vote in future elections, even though his action is expressly prohibited by the state’s constitution.

Motivating McAuliffe’s decision? Two words: Hillary Clinton.

In 2008, Barack Obama won Virginia by 234,000 votes. Four years later, his margin slipped to 150,000 votes. The following year, McAuliffe staved off Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the state’s gubernatorial election by a mere 56,000 votes.

Democrats are desperate to reverse this trend – and permitting 200,000 felons to cast their ballots in November should do the trick. No wonder Clinton praised her old friend’s decision – she knows the Commonwealth’s thirteen electoral votes could depend on it.

Of course even those who support the wrong-headed notion of enfranchising ex-cons took issue with McAuliffe shredding Virginia’s constitution to achieve this nakedly political objective. The Richmond Times-Dispatch – which has supported similar measures in the past – slammed McAuliffe for disregarding “the constitution he took a solemn oath to support,” terming his decision “a vivid example” of corruption.
“This is a flagrant violation of the constitution’s demands,” the paper’s editorial board opined.

“The language is clear and unequivocal,” the board added. “That might be why McAuliffe’s Democratic predecessors, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, never tried a similar stunt.”

In addition to citing chapter and verse from the state constitution, the Times-Dispatch acknowledged “the politics are obvious as well,” describing Clinton as “a longtime friend of McAuliffe” – one who would benefit from additional votes in “a swing state in what could be a tight presidential election.”

“If the situation were reversed, Democrats would be screaming bloody murder – and rightfully so,” the board concluded.

Indeed they would. Nonetheless, McAuliffe and other lawless liberals remain intent on following the example of Obama – who has routinely defied constitutional separation of powers at the federal level in pursuit of his leftist power grabs. Showing no respect for the law, these aspiring totalitarians do as they please – knowing they can buy off or bury their enemies using their plundered resources.

No more. It is time to start referring to these corrupt elected officials as exactly what they are: Criminals.  In fact they have become a criminal class unto themselves, and undoing the damage they’ve done to our country will likely require the unflinching application of their own standard of unilateral action – in reverse.

The next occupant of the White House – and future occupants of State Houses across America – must commit to a radical restoration of this nation’s founding principles by all available means. Extremism in the name of liberalism has this nation teetering on the edge of an abyss – only steadfast resolve in the name of Founding Principles can pull it back.

The author is a board member of Americans for Limited Government.