Krauthammer: Never Trump Movement ‘Dies’ If Trump Wins Indiana

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Charles Krauthammer says that the “Never Trump” movement “dies” if Donald Trump wins the Indiana primary.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report” on Tuesday, Krauthammer said the “further” question is actually what will happen to Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]’s supporters.

Bret Bair asked Krauthammer, “What about this stop Trump movement and its status? Where do you think [it goes] going forward?”

“Well I think it dies if what looks like is going to happen, happens. If Cruz loses, and according to the polls it would be somewhere in double digits, there’s no stop Trump campaign. Trump will have the nomination.”

“I think the further question is, ‘Will Trump be able to bring in some of those people?’ Remember, Cruz has had, has now a not-insubstantial following,” Krauthammer said. Cruz “doesn’t have enough to win the nomination, but when you have 550 delegates, you represent quite a large segment, a minority segment of course of the electorate. And the question is, ‘Will Trump reach out?'”

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