‘OITNB’ Actress Talks About Immigration And Donald Trump

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Orange Is The New Black” actress Diane Guerrero says Donald Trump is a divider.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress gave a sneak peek into her book titled “In the Country We Love: A Family Divided.”

In the interview she talks about being left without her parents at age 14 and having to go live with friends after her parents were deported back to Columbia. She says, “there are real families behind this issue.”

“I thought it was very important to also talk about that sort of damage that happens when a family is separated in this way and the anxiety that we felt in this country and how desperately my parents tried to become documented, to have a place in this country we love,” she said.

“That’s why I chose that title because there’s a lot of misconception out there that undocumented people and undocumented families don’t love this country and just don’t care about having the proper documentation, which is simply not true,” she added. “I know that for a fact because I lived it and I saw how much my parents strived for that.”

The actress said that Donald Trump is dividing this country, adding she thinks Americans want a path for citizenship.

“I think people want to see a path for citizenship,” she said. “I don’t think we as country want to discuss this in the way we do. I don’t think we want to separate families, I don’t think that’s part of our values. ”

“It’s important that we vote because this is how we can bring about change and bring about reform, and, honestly, I don’t see Donald Trump, anything that he’s saying to be effective or comprehensive,” she added. “Instead of really uniting our country — we are the United States of America — he is dividing us.”

Guerrero said she wrote the book in hopes of putting a human touch on this very controversial issue. “This is me trying to humanize this issue because it’s not just a political issue, it’s a human issue.”