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Gay Former Republican Now Life Coaching

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Donald Trump‘s giant win is affecting people in different ways.

For example, it’s sending Jimmy LaSalvia into a bizarre tailspin of unsolicited life coaching and — who knows? — hearing his hokey messages might do your hateful soul a world of good.

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The founder of the now defunct GOProud left the Republican Party in 2014. Now an independent, he supports Hillary Clinton. A look at his Instagram shows that Trump has had a profound effect on his life and now he wants to have a profound effect on yours. (Maybe keep a bucket ready just in case.)

LaSalvia is showing off his gardening skills, planting kale, tomato plants that are a descendant of great grandmother’s crop and sugar pumpkins. “Who likes kale?” he asks. “Have some coming up in the garden!” As for pumpkins, he can’t get enough of pumpkin delicacies: “Pumpkin pie pumpkin bread pumpkin cookies pumpkin ice cream pumpkin soufflé pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin.” In short: EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE PUMPKINS.

With his blond locks flopping in the wind and his earnest, tanned face pressed up close to the camera, he stands in a green pasture with chirping birds. All the while, he advises you how to spend your day, how, as Oprah might advise, to live your best life.

What the fuck is going on here? (No idea, but it’s hilarious.)

Video 1

“Good morning, I hope you’re having a good day. Why don’t you go out and help somebody today? Do something nice.  Just help somebody. It’ll make your day. I promise. Go do it.” 

Video 2

“Good mornin’ everybody. Aren’t you tired of all the fighting in this country these days? I am too. It seems like half of American wakes up in the morning trying to decide how to pick a fight with somebody today. I wish we could all just come together and help each other, help each other recognize our dreams and to make our country better. I’m kicking around some ideas on how to do that, potentially even launching a new project. Stay in touch on that. But I’ll tell ya, just think about it. Think about today, how you can not fight with people and help people and realize that we’re all in this together. Have a great day.” 

This is a little eerie, but it seems like LaSalvia just wants to… Make America Great Again?