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When Donald Trump introduced the world to his “Make America Great Again” hats last summer, he started a national movement in politics.

Fast forward ten months and the hats have had a monumental impact on society and culture. Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for president and his signature fashion accessory has seeped into the world of sports.

First, the locker of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was seen to contain the headwear made famous by his billionaire golfing buddy. Then, as the Major League Baseball season began anew,  the Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper, the best player in the game, has decided to hop on board the hat’s call for a nostalgic return to the days of yore.

Bryce Harper wants to “Make Baseball Fun Again.”

Early in April, Harper shocked the media by proudly wearing his white Trumpian “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat in the locker room. Similar to Trump, he has campaigned against the rules and the rule makers who have so changed his passion for the worse.

If the Washington Nationals outfielder is to succeed in his quest, he is going to need help. Dodgers outfield Yasiel Puig has signed up. You can, too, since the hat is for sale online.

Bryce Harper’s “Make Baseball Fun Again” hat only costs $12.99, significantly cheaper than what I paid for my “Make America Great Again” hat last summer. If you yearn for the glory days like Bryce Harper, you’ll find the cap worth the investment.

“Make Baseball Fun Again” hat — $12.99

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