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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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You do not need the GlowBowl GB001 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight.

Yes, I know that it is on sale for only $17. Yes, I know that the color of the light rotates among blue, red, green, aqua, purple, yellow and white. Yes, I know that the product description is rather humorous:

  • Tired of waking your loved one?
  • Want to make potty time FUN for your children?
  • Are “Certain” people in your home missing the target?
  • Don’t want to be woken up by the blinding lights in the middle of the night?
  • Tired of stumbling around, trying to find your way?

But, still. Is turning on the light really that much of a hassle? Okay, maybe it sounds kinda cool that your toilet will glow some random color whenever you walk into a room. I don’t know. Maybe. I am having a hard time talking myself into this item.

The customer reviews are also weirdly positive:

Jordan writes: “For something with a kind of silly premise, i can’t believe how much i love this in just a few nights. Not having to worry about going in the dark or turning a bright light on is a pretty big convenience in the middle of the night.”

Fiery posts: “This is such a fun gadget. It’s easy to set up and install. What is really fun is surprising people, just point them to the bathroom and listen for the “whoa” It really is impressive to guests. I have it set up to where opening the door triggers the light. It’s a seldom used bathroom so the batteries have lasted well so far.”

Nicky B says: “I bought this as a joke for my son to put in our seasonal camp home. He thought I was nuts and it was stupid… Until it arrived. This thing is awsome! Now when we get up at night to go, we don’t have to turn on the bright light and wake everyone in our tiny home. There is always a disco party in the toilet. It changes colors every few seconds and just is a fun thing to have.”

Overall, there are 959 positive reviews. They are all along the same lines: ‘I bought this because I thought it’d funny but it actually is really neat.’

I’ll repeat what I said at the beginning of this article. You definitely do not need a motion activated toilet nightlight. You probably should not even want a motion activated toilet nightlight. But there is something about this product – something unorthodox, something amusing. Something that makes me feel the urge to purchase it. It is on sale, after all. Why not give it a try?

GlowBowl GB001 Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight on sale for $16.99

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