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U.S. Navy Reassigns Commander For Allowing Our Friends In Iran To Rescue Our Sailors


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If life under King Barry has taught us one thing, it’s that Iran is a good friend to the United States. Sure, you hear a lot of “Death to America” and “You’re the Great Satan” and whatnot, but that’s just old buddies razzing each other. That Iran, such a kidder.

Why, the Iranians are such good pals, they even did this for us when our sailors were in trouble:

That’s what friends are for! Secretary of State John Kerry even thanked Iran for treating our boys with such care and respect. It was a terrific bonding experience for everybody.

But as we all know, no good deed goes unpunished. It’s just a matter of deciding who gets punished. Barbara Starr, CNN:

The U.S. Navy officer who oversaw the 10 sailors captured and briefly detained by Iran earlier this year has been relieved of his duties due to “loss of confidence” in his ability, the Navy announced Thursday.

Cmdr. Eric Rasch was fired from his job as the commanding officer of Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 and temporarily reassigned…

Navy officials emphasized that other personnel, including the sailors involved, could still face discipline.

Wow. You try to let a friend be a friend, and this is the thanks you get?

No less a distinguished personage than Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. declared that this incident was “standard maritime procedure.” Yet the Navy is acting like… I dunno, like these guys somehow embarrassed the United States or something. What’s the big deal?

Iran is our friend. And friends forgive each other. Why are we punishing these guys so harshly for such a minor little mistake?