Brad Pitt Rescues Girl From Crushing Crowd Of Fans

(Photo: Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Brad Pitt is being called a hero after he helped rescue a little girl who was being crushed by a crowd of Pitt’s fans in the Canary Islands Monday night.

The actor, known for playing roles where he saves the day, actually became a real life hero while filming his upcoming World War II film “Allied” in Spain’s Canary Islands, according to ABC News.

Pitt took time out to greet the large collection of fans near the set. The actor was waving to the crowd when things got out of hand and the crowd got overly excited resulting in one little girl being shoved up against the fence and crushed.

He noticed she was getting hurt and tried pointing to the girl to get someone to help her, before rushing over himself along with two body guards who then reached in and picked up the small fan.

The video shows what happened when the crowd got excited and how Pitt helped comfort her until the paramedics arrived.

Once the little girl was taken care of, the video shows Pitt walking back by the crowd of fans and waving goodbye.