MSNBC: Polls Reveal Clinton Is A ‘Nauseated’ ‘Liar’ [VIDEO]

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MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki revealed some tough news for Hillary Clinton including only 19 percent of voters consider her “honest and straightforward” and the words most associated with her are “nauseated” and “liar.”

Thursday during MSNBC Live, Kornacki said “the problem for Hillary Clinton with the e-mail issue right now, her line for the past year has been: ‘The State Department allowed this. This has been confirmed by the State Department. They approved this.’ Well, this new report, this inspector general’s report from the State Department says Hillary Clinton did not seek approval from the State Department to have her own private e-mail server, to conduct official business on, and that that the State Department would not have approved it if she sought it.” (RELATED: IG Report: Hillary Refused To Make Secret Email Account ‘Accessible’)


Noting that only 19 percent of voters consider Clinton honest, Kornacki said, “This has been a huge issue. This has been a huge obstacle for her in this campaign. The honest and trustworthy question and that’s the risk of the e-mail story for her especially in light of this new report.” (RELATED: CNN’s Bash: IG Report Fuels Narrative That Hillary Thinks She Is Above The Rules [VIDEO])

Kornacki acknowledged that the email report “could bring [Clinton’s honest numbers] even lower.”

The MSNBC host then showed a word cloud on the screen that included words like liar, not trustworthy, sick, nauseated, scandals, and that the Clinton Foundation was corrupt.

Steve Kornacki, Screen Grab MSNBC, 5-26-2016

Steve Kornacki, Screen Grab MSNBC, 5-26-2016

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