Slovakian Prime Minister: ‘Islam Has No Place In Slovakia’

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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In his first interview since being re-elected prime minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico claimed that Islam “has no place in” in the country.

“It may look strange but sorry,” he said in a Thursday wire statement. “Islam has no place in Slovakia.”

“I talked about it several times with the Maltese prime minister and he said the problem was not in migrants coming in, but rather in them changing the face of the country.”

Fico even addressed those who don’t view “the events in Germany” as justification for his anti-immigration stance.

“Maybe if we had not taken the stance on the migration crisis which we took, everything would be different and the percentages would be divided in a completely different way.”

The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia argued Fico’s comments “not only harm Slovak Muslims but also the country’s interests as a sovereign country which is building its position on the international scene.”

“We ask with what have we deserved to become the target of hatred not just on the internet and in public space, but also from those who should protect us based on their essential role and function,” they told the Spectator.

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