Trump Adviser: ‘You Couldn’t Get The Truth From Hillary [Even] If You Waterboarded Her’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barry Bennett, senior adviser to Donald Trump said, “You couldn’t get the truth from Hillary [Clinton even] if you waterboarded her,” Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan.”

Reacting to Trump’s comment from his Thursday night campaign rally in San Jose, California, when the presumptive Republican nominee said, “If I win — it’s called a five year statute of limitations if I win. Now everything is going to be fair, but I’m sure the attorney general will take a very good look at it from a fair standpoint, okay,” host Kate Bolduan asked, “Is that a real threat, Barry?” (RELATED: Trump: Hillary Supports Obama Because ‘She Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail’ [VIDEO]

“Well, it’s a real problem, that’s for sure,” Bennett replied. “I mean, if this attorney general tries to block it, then, you know, a special counsel should be appointed. I mean, it’s crazy. I mean, she has continued to lie about it, right? She told us the lawyers signed off on it, the inspector general said that’s not true. She said she would cooperate with all of the investigations, she stone walled the IG and now everything is taking the fifth.” (RELATED: Does Bryan Pagliano Pleading The Fifth Mean Hillary Is More Likely To Be Deposed In Judicial Watch Case?)

“You couldn’t get the truth from Hillary if you waterboarded her,” Bennett concluded.

“What?” a shocked Bolduan replied.

“You couldn’t get the truth out of her if you waterboard,” Bennett doubled down.

In April, Trump poured out his love for waterboarding, claiming “I love it, I think it’s great.”

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