Trump: Hillary Supports Obama Because ‘She Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump said Thursday that one of the reasons Hillary Clinton supports the Iran deal and much of President Barack Obama’s agenda is because “she doesn’t want to go to jail.”

During a campaign rally in San Jose, California, Trump said, “Anything Obama wants, she’s going forward with because you know why? She doesn’t want to go to jail. That’s why, folks. That’s why.” (WATCH All Of Trump’s San Jose Rally Here)

Trump was discussing Clinton’s support of the Iran deal.

Clinton is currently under FBI investigation for using a private email server while secretary of state. (VIDEO: Napolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It)

“Remember Hillary Clinton used to hate Obama. She used to hate him,” Trump said. “Bill Clinton hated him. Bill Clinton hated him. He called Bill Clinton a racist. Do you remember that? Bill Clinton hated him. And Hillary Clinton hated Obama.”

“Now it’s ‘Yes, sir, Mr. President, sir. Yes, sir. What would you like?'” he said. “I don’t believe our country can let her get away with this crime. I don’t believe it. So we’ll see.”

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