WATCH: Fox News Reporter Holds Josh Earnest’s Feet To The Fire Over Doctored Transcript [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Fox News reporter James Rosen repeatedly questioned Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the administration’s alleged doctoring of the May 9 press briefing transcript.

[dcquiz] Back on May 9, Fox News’ Kevin Corke asked the question, “Can you state categorically that no senior official in this administration has ever lied publicly about any aspect of the Iran Nuclear Deal?” to which Earnest responded, “No, Kevin.” (VIDEO: Here’s The Moment The Obama Admin. Admitted They Lied About The Iran Deal)

However, a Monday report from ABC showed the official White House transcript of the briefing had been white-washed of Earnests’ response to Corke’s question. (VIDEO: White House Press Sec. Denies Obama Admin. Scrubbed Briefing Transcript)

Rosen broached the subject again on Tuesday.


“The video shows, unmistakably, that you answered, ‘no, Kevin,'” Rosen posed to Earnest. “In fact, Mr. Corke gave you a second chance to answer that question because the answer was so striking.”

“You said yesterday that there was a little cross-talk that made this exchange inaudible,” he continued. “The very transcript from yesterday’s briefing was studded with the word ‘inaudible’ where it was appropriate. Why did the May 9 transcript not contain the word ‘inaudible?'”

“I don’t write the transcripts, James,” Earnest responded.

Rosen continued to press the issue.

ROSEN: Essentially what you’re doing is standing at the podium and maintaining you did not say that which is plainly discernible you said —

EARNEST: James what I think that I’m saying is there have been three follow-ups now to this question, and I have answered it quite directly [inaudible] so if you would like me to do it again, I can do it again.

ROSEN: I guess the final question is are you willing to review that video one more time, Josh, with an eye toward possibly amending it?


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