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Now People Are Seeing Images Of Trump In Household Objects

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Jesus. Elvis. Donald. They’re all the same, really. When you believe in someone strongly enough, you start to see your deity’s glorious visage wherever you look. Even while you’re on the toilet.

Scott Wise at WTVR in Richmond, VA:

Clayton Litten was sitting on his toilet, admiring his newly tiled bathroom floor when he first saw it.

“This cannot be. There’s no way,” Litten said when he saw the image — “clear as day.”

An image of presidential candidate Donald Trump, standing with arms folded, emerged from the tile floor.

I guess? Here it is. Judge for yourself:

As with all things Trump, I’m just not seeing it. But if you do, that’s nice.

It’s fitting that this guy saw an image of Trump while sitting on the toilet. Whenever I see Trump’s face, it reminds me of what happens when I sit on the toilet. Several hours after I’ve eaten a bunch of Doritos.

Mr. Litten should charge admission so people can sit on his toilet and worship Trump. It’d be an alt-right shrine. Finally, Holocaust deniers would have their own version of the Anne Frank house.