Curt Schilling: Let Our Soldiers Do Their Job

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Baseball legend Curt Schilling held nothing back in a blog post Sunday about the Orlando terror attack.

The former Boston Red Sox hero posted a lengthy rant on America’s response to the terrorist attack in Orlando that left dozens dead. (RELATED: 50 Dead, 53 Injured In Orlando Shooting — FBI Investigating Terror Ties)

He wrote in part:

As a devoted Christian who deals with his flaws daily it pains me to wish this on another human being. But I guess I am a sinner when it makes me honestly believe at some point you relinquish your rights as a human when you slaughter innocent men women and children on purpose.

All you clowns who want to start screaming anti-american bullshit about death, save it. Our “Soldiers” don’t hide inside schools, or in communities with hospitals like the spineless scum in Hamas or these pigs.

We must redefine “proportional response” and we do that by getting the hell out of the way and letting our military do what they’re poorly paid to do, kill our enemies. Not some, not here, not there, but every single one they can find.

Give some Delta’s, Rangers, Seals or Marines a ‘weapons free’ and point them in the right direction, and get our asses out of the way. Support them and step back, this drone bullshit is nothing more than a pathetic ‘easy out’ for this administration. It’s not designed in any way to ‘win’, it’s designed to kick the can down the road while accomplishing little to nothing. I bet 4 weeks to 4 months later we’d see a marked downturn in this stuff on a global scale.

The outspoken conservative also unleashed a series of Tweets attacking those who want to demand more gun control during a time of tragedy. (RELATED: Curt Schilling Shuts Down Gun Control Supporters With This Simple Message After The Orlando Terrorist Attack)

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