Giuliani: Obama’s ‘Inane’ Rhetoric Impacts FBI Investigations [VIDEO]

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that Barack Obama’s “completely inane inability to say ‘Islamic extreme terrorism’ is one of the reasons I think the people in San Bernardino never reported to the FBI.”

“I can’t help but realize having been in the federal bureaucracy for 17 years that the words of the president have to have an impact on the FBI,” Giuliani said Tuesday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends. (VIDEO: Napolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It)

“There’s no question they have to have an impact. This absolute completely inane inability to say ‘Islamic extremist terrorism’ is one of the reasons I think the people in San Bernardino never reported to the FBI. It’s one of the reasons that Major Nadal was described as ‘workplace violence,'” Giuliani said, referring to the Fort Hood shooting. (VIDEO: Trump Calls On Obama To Resign For Not Calling Orlando Attack ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’)

“It’s one of the reasons why the FBI maybe doesn’t want to show too much zealousness that might be regarded as being over zealous in the pursuit of Arab Americans or Islamic Americans. And I did question, you know, in a congressional hearing the whole situation with the Tsarnaev brothers,” Giuliani said.

“When he went back to Russia, that should have raised, you know, 50 red flags. Here he was described to them by Russian intelligence as a terrorist. They checked it out, didn’t find anything. The guy goes to Russia and then he goes to right near Chechnya? You don’t put a red flag on that when he comes back? Or maybe you don’t let him back,” Giuliani said.

“And finally, the information should have been given to the Boston police so if the FBI didn’t have the resources to follow him, the Boston police certainly, and you got to the Boston police commissioner, I think he’d tell you that.”


Co-host Brian Kilmeade followed up, “But Mr. Mayor, do you know of the FBI agents that have said, ‘We feel handcuffed when we get to situations like this?’ Their gut tells them this is a bad guy, but the law and maybe the parameters of their jobs stopped them from locking this guy up or putting a tail on them.”

The former United States attorney replied, “You know I do, Brian, because you know them too. And the reality is there are FBI agents, there are other federal agents and there are even some local police who say they feel that they don’t have the support to conduct a complete investigation. Which might be described from the Obama-Hillary Clinton side as an ‘overzealous investigation.'”

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