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Omar Mateen Was A Registered Democrat, BUT…

Omar Mateen (MySpace via Reuters Pictures)

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If you’re wondering why the Democrats have been screaming about the NRA ever since the Orlando massacre, it’s because they don’t want to talk about the fact that the shooter was one of their own.

Courtesy of Snopes.com, here’s Omar Mateen’s voter registration:


Now, you may think that just because Mateen was a registered Democrat, that somehow means Mateen was a registered Democrat. But it’s not that simple, according to Snopes’ Kim LaCapria:

What that lone fact means is the subject of a good deal of speculation, with possibilities ranging from Mateen’s being a supporter of Democratic ideology to his simply having chosen a random political affiliation when he initially registered. Mateen didn’t appear on the FBI’s radar until 2013, and it’s possible that in the ten years between 2006 and 2016 his political outlook (whatever it was to begin with) might have changed radically, even if his voter registration did not).

In other words, we have a solid fact — Mateen was a registered Democrat — but it makes LaCapria and a lot of other people uncomfortable. So that fact becomes a “Mixture” of true and false. Just because Mateen was a Democrat doesn’t necessarily mean he was a Democrat-Democrat.

You see, being a Democrat makes you a good person. How could a Democrat do something so awful? Well then, he probably wasn’t really a Democrat, even though he was definitely a Democrat.

And that’s how you “think” like a Democrat.

We’re also learning that Mateen was a regular at that same gay nightclub for years, and he used a gay dating app. So, he was a gay Muslim Democrat. He hit the trifecta of victimhood. That means it has to be the gun’s fault, and the NRA’s fault, and the GOP’s fault, and Christians’ fault, and white people’s fault. It’s everybody’s fault but the gay Muslim Democrat who pulled the trigger.

Katie Frates has a terrific piece on this cognitive dissonance among the Democrats. Read the whole thing. Their behavior seems baffling, until you realize that they have to tell themselves these lies just to get through the day. And then they rage at you for reminding them of the truth.

If you’re gay and you think the Democrats give a damn about you, you’re wrong. They’re glad to ruin a baker’s life for refusing to make you a wedding cake, but when a Muslim terrorist comes after you for being who you are, you’re on your own.