Professor Cites ‘Glee’ In Attempt To Argue Orlando Shooter Wasn’t An Islamic Terrorist [VIDEO]

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MSNBC brought on Georgia State University professor Mia Bloom to comment on the Orlando terrorist attack and she cited the TV show “Glee” to argue the shooter wasn’t really a radical Islamist but instead was just fearful of being “outed” as gay.

Mia Bloom, Screen Grab MSNBC, 6-15-2016

Mia Bloom, Screen Grab MSNBC, 6-15-2016

In an interview on “MSNBC Live” on Wednesday, host Kate Snow said to Bloom, “You’ve written two books about the allure of extremism, about radicalization. From what we know today, do you think that Omar Mateen was truly radicalized or do you think that maybe that was a cover for other issues that he had?”

Reportedly gay, Mateen was also a registered Democrat and during the attack, proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS. (RELATED: Omar Mateen Sent Pictures Of His Junk To Men On Gay Dating Apps)

“You know, in the theory of psychology, there is something called concealment. There has been a lot of discussion about his own sexuality and in fact his ex-wife just recently gave an interview to Don Lemon on CNN saying that she thought he was gay. So the question then becomes how does this make sense that someone that might think they’re gay turns around and kills 49 gay people,” Bloom said. “Well, the theory of concealment in psychology explains why.”

“A lot of the bullying that you’ll hear and you see this in every TV movie or film or even on “Glee,” where the guy who is beating up the gay kids turns out to be gay. Where a lot of this is passing behavior and when it turns from just verbal to being physical is when they’re about to be outed.”

“So we don’t know in the weeks leading up to this attack if maybe he felt people were about to discover his real identity,” Bloom said. “There’s a lot of questions that remain to answer.”

“How is that different with calling 911 and claiming an allegiance to ISIS,” Snow replied. (RELATED: Both This Weekend’s Terror Suspects Are Gay, Friends Of Each Say)

“Well, so this is the veil of authenticity, that if he generally wanted to make a pledge to ISIS, you do so ahead of time. For example the French killer that killed the family yesterday made a video, uploaded the video,” Bloom said, as noted by Mediaite.

“But with pledges to ISIS, what we need to remember, that’s only half the story,” Bloom said. “You can pledge to ISIS but then Baghdadi has to accept your pledge. So just saying that you’re part of ISIS doesn’t mean you’re automatically part of ISIS.”

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