Seth Meyers Bans Trump From ‘The Late Night’ [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Seth Meyers said Donald Trump is banned from coming on his show “The Late Night.”

On Tuesday night, during his show “The Late Nite with Seth Meyers,” the talk show host said that Trump will be banned from his show as long as The Washington Post is banned from the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign events, according to Variety. (RELATED: Seth Meyers Mocks Ben Carson’s Debate Entrance, Questions ‘Is Carson Really A Brain Surgeon?’ [VIDEO])


“But still even for Trump, Monday was a new low, for one thing Trump banned a major newspaper from reporting on his campaign, and it’s not even the first time he’s done that.” Adding, “By election day the only media outlets that are going to be allowed on Trump’s campaign will be the National Enquirer and Rich Pricks Monthly.”

“As for The Washington Post, we here at ‘Late Night’ believe in freedom of the press and therefore we have decided to stand in solidarity with them,” he added. “So, as long as the Washington Post is banned from Donald Trump’s campaign, Donald Trump will be banned from ever coming on this show.”

Adding, “Although to be fair, he wasn’t coming on anyway, let’s be honest. He had no interest in being here.”

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