Obama Misstates Newtown Shooting Facts To Push For More Gun Control

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Speaking at an Orlando terrorist attack memorial, Barack Obama used the occasion for call for more gun control and in doing so, got key facts wrong about the Newtown shooting.

President Barack Obama (Reuters Pictures)

Barack Obama (REUTERS)

On Thursday, Obama said, “Unfortunately, our politics have conspired to make it as easily as possible for a terrorist or just a disturbed individual like those in Aurora and Newtown to buy extraordinarily powerful weapons and they can do so legally.”


However, the perpetrator of the Newtown shooting, Adam Lanza did not purchase a firearm, instead to took them from his mother. When Lanza attempted to purchase a “long gun” he was unable to do so, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Yahoo News reports that, “The Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle Lanza used in the elementary school, as well as the four other weapons recovered from the crime scenes, belonged to his mother. She purchased them legally, and had a permit for their use.”

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