Glenn Beck Compares Himself To Reagan, Gandhi, Mandela, MLK For Not Voting For Trump

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Talk radio host Glenn Beck compared himself to none other than Ronald Reagan, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Martin Luther King as he defended his case for not voting for Donald Trump.

Glenn Beck Is Officially Bat Sh*t Crazy -- WATCH Him Rub Cheetos All Over His Face (YouTube)

Glenn Beck (YouTube)

During his radio show on Monday, Beck vented about a Townhall column about himself, which concluded, “Sitting at home on your moral high horse and refusing to vote is the comfortable thing to do. Voting for Trump is not comfortable, but it just so happens to be the right thing to do. Not because Trump is the ideal candidate but because he is a candidate opposed to someone far worse.”

Beck went on to say that the above paragraph made him “laugh out loud.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Beck argued. “You are clueless. You want to talk about the bliss of illusion. You want the hard road? You stand up when the entire world is against you. That’s the hard road! That’s the road that Reagan and Thatcher and John Paul took. They took the hard road. That’s the road that Nelson Mandela and Gandhi and Martin Luther King took, when the entire world was against them!”


Being that MLK, Thatcher, Gandhi, and Reagan are all dead, Beck will never know for sure who those people would have voted for. One thing is certain — only Reagan and King would have had legal standing to vote for Trump in a hypothetical world.

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