Wendy Davis Says A President Trump Means Rolling Back Civil Rights

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Wendy Davis fears a Donald Trump presidency for many reasons.

On Monday, the former Democratic senator from Texas told the Rolling Stone magazine that she worries that Trump will take back rights and victories recently won in the Supreme court. (RELATED: Hollywood Reacts To SCOTUS 5-3 Texas Abortion Ruling)

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis sits at her desk. Erich Schlegel/Getty Images.

(photo: Erich Schlegel/Getty Images)

“I think about the abortion decision today,” Davis said. “I think about the affirmative-action decisions that came out last week. I think about a decision that didn’t go our way, on immigration.”

“These things paint a very real picture of why this election is so important,” she added. Under Donald Trump, we would likely see the kinds of decisions that we’ve seen going our way be unwound.”

“We are likely to see civil rights unwound. We’re likely to see women’s access to reproductive health care unwound, we’re likely to see less and less of welcoming immigrants to this country, and we’re likely to see a country that’s even further divided — and one in which the very worst of us is fomented, rather than the best of us nurtured.”