More Than 100 Nobel Laureates Chastise Greenpeace Over GMOs

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Some 108 Nobel laureates signed an open letter to Greenpeace slamming the eco-group’s global effort to ban genetically modified crops, also known as GMOs.

“Greenpeace and their allies have claimed falsely that GMOS are dangerous, untested and inadequately regulated,” the letter signed Wednesday by the laureates reads. “But the science telling us GM crops and foods are safe has been confirmed by vast experience.”

“Humans have eaten hundreds of billions of GM based meals in the past 20 years without a single case of any problems resulting from GM,” the letter reads. “More than a hundred billion livestock animals ate GM feed from 1996 through 2011, during which the average health of livestock animals improved.”

Greenpeace claims on its website, “Genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are threats to human and environmental health.” They also claim,”we don’t know enough about the effects of GMOs on people or the environment to be adding them to our diets.”

But opposition to GMOs puts Greenpeace at odds with 108 Nobel laureates and much of the scientific community. Many scientists say the “consensus” on the safety of GMO’s is even stronger than  the “consensus” on man-made global warming.

Some people think GMOs are indeed as dangerous as Greenpeace warns, but the American Association for the Advancement of Science thinks that is because of poor reporting.

“Some 57% of Americans say GM foods are unsafe and a startling 67% do not trust scientists, believing they don’t understand the science behind GMOs. AAAS researchers blame poor reporting by mainstream scientists for the trust and literacy gaps,” according to a Huffington Post article from 2015.

The open letter also highlights the fact that Greenpeace has actually had their license to operate revoked by some countries due to their misrepresentations of science.

“Greenpeace have so severely and repeatedly misrepresented facts and distorted policy deliberations that their extensive misrepresentations have provoked India into revoking their license to operate due to “fraud”, although this order has now been put on hold. This follows official sanctions for their dishonest propaganda campaigns in Australia and Canada.”

The organizer of the open letter, Richard Roberts, said he hopes Greenpeace will “admit that this is an issue that they got wrong and focus on the stuff that they do well.”

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