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Georgia Williams Contributor

We all know the political atmosphere has been unstable recently, but here’s some alarming news: the Republican National Convention is going to be a security nightmare.

RNC organizers and police are bracing themselves for a flood of protestors and demonstrators on both sides of the political divide, and so are news outlets: HuffPost reports that a security firm specializing in training journalists to stay safe during dangerous situations has getting lots of business.

The firm seems to have most of their experience training journalists who work in combat zones in the Middle East, which makes me wonder just how bad things are expected to be in Cleveland next week.


Greta Van Susteren asked a question of her Twitter followers… with some interesting results:

Salon thinks we’re all being too mean to poor Hillary Clinton, who has a disapproval rating of almost 60 percent. According to the author of the piece, Sophia A. McClennen, “the right-wing attacks on Clinton are so excessive, so misogynistic, so mean-spirited and so often absent of any connection to reality, that it has become almost impossible to criticize her at all.” While criticism of Clinton may be loud and come in great quantities, I don’t think that it’s become impossible to offer reasonable criticism in the current climate, where apparently anyone who has a more balanced opinion becomes instantly drowned out by right-wing haters.

Last on my list today, it seems like everyone on my Twitter feed is talking nonstop about the new Pokémon Go app. Here are some Washington journalists yakking about it:

She got an answer!