Enviros Upset Trump Disagrees With Dictators, Commies On Global Warming


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The Sierra Club has released a report claiming if real estate mogul Donald Trump were elected president he would be “the the only world leader today to deny the science of climate change.”

The environmental group’s report includes quotes about global warming from the leaders of 195 countries recognized by the U.S. Department of State. The Sierra Club uses this as evidence a future President Trump would be at odds with America’s closest allies on global warming.

“In fact, a review of the data indicates that Trump might very well be the only world leader not calling for urgent climate action,” according to the Sierra Club, America’s oldest environmental group.

Interestingly enough, it also means Trump disagrees with some of America’s rivals as well, including third world dictators and communist regimes.

For example, Trump would be at odds with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea. Jong-un has committed to a large “tree-planting initiative” over the next decade to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship where the state controls virtually every aspect of people’s’ lives. The country operates a series of prison labor camps for dissidents and other undesirables, and its centrally-planned economy is prone to famine and shortages of basic consumer goods.

“Conditions are horrific. People are worked for 14, 15 or 16 hours every day with just a handful of corn to live on and they are intentionally starved and worked to death,” Suzanne Scholte, head of the North Korea freedom coalition, told Business Insider.

Trump would also be at odds with Russian Vladimir Putin on global warming, according to the Sierra Club’s report. Putin said he would work with other countries in “keeping global warming within an increase to two degrees Celsius.”

Putin has severely restricted free speech rights, and he often uses state-run media outlets and corporations to punish individuals, companies and even whole countries that defy him.

Amnesty International noted “growing numbers of individuals were arrested and criminally charged for criticizing state policy and publicly displaying or possessing materials deemed extremist or otherwise unlawful under vague national security legislation.”

“Serious human rights violations continued in the North Caucasus, and human rights defenders reporting from the region faced harassment,” according to Amnesty International.

The Sierra Club also laments that Trump disagrees with Cuban President Raul Castro on global warming. Castro said “everyone, absolutely everyone, will suffer the consequences of climate change.”

Fidel Castro led Cuba’s communist government since its 1959 revolution until he was succeeded by his brother Raul in 2011. The Castro regime’s bloody rise to power was followed by years of imprisoning dissidents and journalists.

Human Rights Watch reports the “Cuban government continues to repress dissent and discourage public criticism” and “short-term arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders, independent journalists, and other critics have increased dramatically.”

“Other repressive tactics employed by the government include beatings, public acts of shaming, and the termination of employment,” according to Human Rights Watch.

The Sierra Club’s report also had statements on the dangers of global warming from the leaders of Ecuador, China, Iran, Venezuela and Zimbabwe — none of these countries are exactly paragons of human rights.

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