Napolitano: FBI’s Hillary Decision Is Like Calling John Wilkes Booth ‘Extremely Careless’ [VIDEO]

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Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano said on Tuesday that FBI director James Comey calling Hillary Clinton “extremely careless” is like historians claiming that “John Wilkes Booth was extremely careless at Ford’s theater.”

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Napolitano said, “there’s a lot of people that have devoted a lot of time into [the Clinton classified email invesigation] who are unhappy with the outcome.” (RELATED: Congress To Ask FBI To Investigate Hillary For Lying Under Oath [VIDEO])

In spite of the conclusion of the FBI investigation into Clinton over her email use, “There are three investigations of Mrs. Clinton right now,” Napolitano said. “The one that has not started has been referred to the Congress is her lying to the Congress and misleading the Congress. And the evidence for that came out of Director Comey’s mouth when he held his press conference last week. He went through five things she said to the public and to the Congress and he contradicted all of them. So when you’re before the Congress, it’s a crime to lie, it’s also a crime mislead. Mislead is defined as creating a false impression. And it is clear that she did that but it’s the beginning stages of the investigation.” (RELATED: ‘EXTREMELY CARELESS’ — FBI Director Comey Says Clinton Mishandled Classified Info [VIDEO])

“Secondly, [Clinton] certified under oath and in writing to a federal judge in a Freedom of Information Act case that she had surrendered all of her emails to the State Department. We know from Director Comey that the FBI found thousands of work-related e-mails that she didn’t surrender, many of which that she tried to destroy,” Napolitano said. (RELATED: Comey Confirms Hillary Clinton Lied To The Public About Her Emails [VIDEO])

“The big one though… the one that Director Comey quite properly did not want to discuss, the FBI has an internal rule against discussing publicly investigations that are going on is the one about the Clinton Foundation. Now it’s very, very large and it’s very complex but reduced to its essence it is the allegations, they are just allegations that Mrs. Clinton when she was Secretary of State made decisions for foreign nationals and foreign governments using the authority given to her by the federal law and as a result of those decisions huge, I mean enormous contributions were made to the Clinton Foundation. The largest of these, $145 million and it involved Mrs. Clinton allowing a Canadian to buy shares in a uranium mine in Utah which he promptly turned around and sold to the Russians who could never have bought it on their own.”


“So when Director Comey says. ‘I don’t want to talk about it, it’s ongoing.’ They are deep into it but he quite properly is refusing to discuss it,” Napolitano said.

He added that when Comey said that Clinton was “extremely careless but not criminal. The next thing you know the FBI historians are going to say John Wilkes Booth was extremely careless at Ford’s theater. That’s absurd. But that’s the conclusion.”

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