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Georgia Williams Contributor
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In endless convention news, Facebook is planning a big push of its live video service during the events. Though there isn’t the monetary incentive that the company is giving to other media companies specifically during the convention, Politico‘s Hadas Gold reports, “In addition to C-SPAN, Facebook is partnering with 21 media organizations, including CNN, Yahoo!, Fox News, NYT and local media in both cities to use the “Facebook Lounge” which will act as a studio for live broadcasts.” Groovy!


It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a ‘blacklist’ of media organizations he doesn’t allow to follow his campaign or be in his press conferences, and BuzzFeed has something to say about it, according to HuffPo. While the Trump campaign can’t ban outlets from the convention itself, people still have a chip on their shoulder and BuzzFeed is going to be hosting a party for all the blacklisted outlets: “The Tuesday night party will include Tasty-inspired food and a drink at an open bar called “Big John’s Blackout,” in honor of Washington bureau chief John Stanton.” Cute! And those Tasty recipes are good.

In more Corey Lewandowski news, apparently the guy is still being paid by the Donald Trump campaign! Yikes. This looks pretty bad – as a contributor to CNN he should be labeled as a surrogate if that’s what he really is. Seems like CNN has only recently started to tell their viewers that he’s still on the Trump payroll.

FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren explores the mysteries of time travel: