Judge Jeanine Unloads On Obama In Epic Rant After Nice, France Terror Attack [VIDEO]

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In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, France, Fox News’s Judge Jeanine Pirro unloaded on Barack Obama and the subject of Islamic terrorism.

Appearing on  “Fox & Friends,” Pirro said, “We have a president who is an apologist. Look, I’m an amateur and in June of 2014 when I first heard about ISIS, I said bomb them, bomb them, and bomb them again. I took some heat, but I was right. They were the JV team then. If we had done something, if this president would stop apologizing for what we do and what we are and stop saying you Christians, it’s your turn, as he did at a prayer breakfast, then maybe America would be united in a way where we understand that they’re coming. They’re here, we’re next!”

“I’ve got to tell you, I’m as aggravated as everyone who sat in this chair today,” Pirro said. “If we have people standing in the blood of innocent victims who go for an innocent celebration, then we have got to recognize that we have a problem at the top of this country.”

Later Pirro said, “Right now, they are here, they’re going to kill us — women, children, it doesn’t matter. We have got to declare war on them. We’ve got to start having a conversation about surveillance in mosques. We’ve got to make sure that in the jails these imams are going in and radicalizing people, they just want to kill us.”

“I mean, how dumb are we? and Newt is right,” Pirro said. “We’re sheep saying, why the wolves killing us or being nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad. Baloney!”


When host Steve Doocy shared the name of the perpetrator of the attack, Mohamed Bouhlel, Pirro sarcastically commented, “Uh, there’s a shock.”

Pirro went on to argue, “There are groups that are providing weapons. There are groups that are providing c-4. This doesn’t just happen with some guy sitting in his house reading e-mails. We’ve got to surveil the mosques. I know that’s politically incorrect, but let me tell you something. The problem with us is that we’re going to have a president who will come out today and say, we need to stand strong and we’re going to make them accountable. By the way, is anyone from Benghazi held accountable? You remember that one, where four Americans were targeted and killed? I mean, no.”

According to Pirro, “We have one enemy right now and that is radical Islam.”

Pirro later said that Obama’s legacy will be “one word: weak,” as noted by Mediaite.

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