MTV Is Now Trying To Pass Itself Off As A Legitimate Polling Source [VIDEO]


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According to polling conducted by MTV — yes, the TV channel that used to play music videos — 83 percent of millennials say the vice presidential candidate matters to them.

On Friday, Donald Trump announced that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would be his running mate. (RELATED: It’s Official: Donald Trump Announces Pence As Running Mate)

In the MTV poll that found 83 percent of people aged 18-34 indicate that VP choice matters, 19 percent of respondents would consider voting for a candidate that they don’t currently support if that candidate picked a person that they liked.

Furthermore, 76 percent of millennials claim that when they vote, they take into account the entire ticket. (RELATED: Coulter Pans Reported Trump Decision Of Pence VP Selection)

Moreover, 61 percent of millennials indicate that the person who is running for vice president have to should run separately, not as a “packaged deal.”

Millennials Care About VPS (Image credit MTV)

Millennials Care About VPS (Image credit MTV)


MTV says that the survey was “conducted through a series of nationally representative quantitate surveys of 500 Millennials ages 18-34, as well as a nationally representative sample of 200 Gen X members (ages 35-50) and 200 Boomers (ages 51-70).”

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