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Black Donald Trump Supporter Shot In Cleveland Bar

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Here is a new incident of “gun violence” you probably won’t hear anybody at the Democratic convention decrying tonight or tomorrow.

Paul Jones, a black Vietnam vet, was shot in a Cleveland bar Monday night by an unidentified man who went ballistic after overhearing him voice support for Donald Trump.

Speaking from his hospital bed Tuesday Jones told the local ABC News affiliate that the man “butted” into his conversation with a friend about the election. Enraged, he went and retrieved a gun from his car outside.  The Trump opponent returned, shot Jones in the thigh and left again.

End of discussion.

Jones’s mother, Latosca, lamented that, “People today, if you don’t think like you do, they’re ready to cause problems.”


At a  June 3 Trump campaign rally in San Jose a supporter was hit on the side of his head with an unidentified object and left bleeding.   Others were punched and struck in the face with eggs and water balloons.

Exactly one month later, a white Vietnam veteran was beaten outside a  Jacksonville, Florida gas station and called a “white mother f*****” by a black man who overheard him supporting Trump.