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Lady Ghostbusters Declare ‘#ImWithHer,’ Promptly Delete Evidence

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Well, the official Ghostbusters Twitter account deleted it, I mean. Not the Lady Ghostbusters themselves, who are only characters in a movie. But the point is, the Internet is forever. (Don’t I know it!) When you delete something, it just makes people wonder why.

In case you haven’t noticed, this movie has been leaning pretty hard on the whole feminism thing. Apparently, we’re to believe this is the first genre movie in Hollywood history with women as the leads — just forget about Ripley and Beatrix Kiddo and Charlie’s Angels and Thelma & Louise and Katniss Everdeen and all the rest — and we’re all obligated to spend our money on it. And then, we need to either enjoy it or shut up about it.

That’s been the marketing campaign, and apparently that was the “thinking” behind this:

I wonder which part of that tweet made them think twice: Claiming to have busted a ceiling that was shattered decades ago, or aligning themselves with a presidential candidate who’s despised by at least half the country? Hell, they already appeared on the same episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Hillary, and that was supposed to be the draw. Not like it’s a secret.

Of course, they’ll tell you that criticizing anything they do is sexist, because they’re women. But I ain’t ‘fraid of no riposte!

I haven’t seen the movie yet, because nobody’s given me a good reason to see it. But is Bill Murray really as miserable-looking as people are saying? Sounds like he got blackmailed into showing up on the set, and he was just like, “Let’s get this over with.” Maybe he felt guilty about Peter Venkman inspiring a generation of nerds to see women as nothing more than slinky sex-demons. #problematic

All I know is that Ghostbusters (2016) is feminist, where something like Charlie’s Angels (2000) isn’t, because only one of the two teams look like they read Jezebel.

(Hat tip: the good people at Twitchy)