Witness The Most Country Club Fight Of All Time [VIDEO]

Golf Fight (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Video Justin Abrams)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Contrary to popular belief, it turns out that golf is not always a gentlemen’s game, as displayed by a fight at a Colorado golf course.

Instagram user Justin Abrams uploaded a video of two golfers fighting with the caption, “Went out to my favorite course with Kevin on my last day in CO and witnessed some absolutely ridiculous #fightclub on the 18th hole after someone hit right into the group on the green. Who says white ppl don’t brawl? #golffight #denver #neverlayup #whitemalematurity #fossiltracegolfclub.” (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of Ronda Rousey On The Internet)


A video posted by Justin Abrams (@jabrams77) on

There’s a couple things to dissect in this fight. First, the guy in the blue was clearly the better fighter. Great footwork, textbook defensive form and was able to throw strikes without opening himself up. Without a doubt he’s had some formal training. (SLIDESHOW: Derek Jeter’s New Wife Loves Showing Off Skin)

Secondly, the handshake at the end was totally unexpected. Must be the local country club rule that if you fight then you must end it in a handshake. Absolutely incredible whenever you can watch a few middle-aged men in golf gear throw punches.

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