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Penthouse Shames Utah Gov By Putting Him On Cover

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The last thing a politician wants to do is make the editor of Penthouse pissed.

But Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has achieved just that by pushing a new state resolution — SCR9 — declaring porn a “public health crisis” that requires further study. As a result, he secured himself a major mention on the cover of the nudie mag’s summer issue. A headline on the cover reads: “Utah’s governor wants to handle your penis.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the magazine sent copies to the governor’s office and the HQ of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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On Wednesday, Penthouse editor Raphie Aronowitz fired back at Herbert, 69, with the following statement. He says energy drinks are just as bad for children as porn. Interesting point or completely crazy?

“While I appreciate how Governor Gary Herbert holds our magazine in such high regard, his understanding of our article is unsurprisingly (and frighteningly) deluded. I, too, believe our children should be ‘protected.’ I just think that a child’s parents (be they single, married, same sex, traditional) will do a better job protecting them than good ol’ Gary.

No, reading Penthouse Magazine is not appropriate for children. Neither is watching HBO on a Sunday night, knocking back an energy drink, or swimming without a lifeguard. But our children also need protection from fear mongering, shaming, and bullying – tactics that the LDS Church strategically exploit to subdue and retain their flock.

At Penthouse Magazine, we cast a wide net searching for power-thirsty buffoons, misguided public figures, and other foolhardy zealots who threaten our personal freedom for political gain. We just happened to trip over Governor Herbert flailing around in the shallows. Must be an election year.”

Hebert spokesman Jon Cox put a good spin on things. He says being on the opposing side of Penthouse is a plus.

“If a magazine like Penthouse is taking you to task, that’s always a good sign that you’re on the right side of history,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune. “The fact that the industry feels so threatened by a non-binding resolution meant to raise awareness of this problem shows you just how desperate they must be.”

Herbert isn’t a monk about sex. In 2012, he vetoed a bill that would have permitted schools to stop teaching sex-ed — or if they did, they’d have to teach children abstinence only and being faithful to your spouse.