Primary Opponent: No Difference Between Paul Ryan And Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Paul Nehlen, Rep. Paul Ryan’s primary opponent claimed Wednesday that the Speaker of the House is “no different than Hillary Clinton.”

Appearing on CNN’s “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan,” host John Berman confronted Nehlen about his claim that what “Paul Ryan has said about Donald Trump is morally disqualifying.” (RELATED: Donald Trump Refuses To Endorse Paul Ryan And John McCain)

According to Nehlen, Ryan “came out on the wrong side of this Khan thing. Paul Ryan did not need to weigh in to that. Paul Ryan could have spent that time debating me instead of taking shots at our party’s nominee.” (RELATED: Anti-Trump Father Of Muslim Soldier Wants Out Of The Spotlight, He Says In TV Interview [VIDEO])

“Paul Ryan is the top Republican in our party, he should be finding ways to unite this,” Nelen claimed.

Then using hand motions, Nehlen said, “Here’s the circle of trust, Paul Ryan’s out here. Nobody can trust Paul Ryan because every opportunity he gets, he shoots at Donald Trump from the side, from the back. He is no different than Hillary Clinton. That’s the fact.”

Kate Bolduan then asked Nehlen, “How much contact have you had with Donald Trump’s campaign?” (RELATED: Trump ‘Thanks’ Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger For Kind Words)

“None, other than he tweeted at me the other day,” Nehlen replied. “And I thanked him for it.”

Nehlen noted that he has not asked for Trump’s endorsement in his primary challenge but “If he gave me his endorsement, I’d be flattered by it. I’d be humbled by it if he gave me his endorsement. But the last thing I’d want is for him to screw up the presidential race. Look, I am absolutely in lock step with Mr. Trump.”

Later, Nehlen called on CNN to ask Speaker Ryan “on air why he supports Transpacific partnership?”

The primary challenger added that his campaign is about “good trade deals and securing our border. Paul Ryan wants to pass a terrible trade deal and he wants open borders. He wants amnesty. Paul Ryan is not for closing our borders.”

Nehlen and Ryan’s primary election is on Tuesday, August 9.

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