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Relax, Trump Didn’t Really Blab About His Classified Security Briefings

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Nice try, you globalist GOPe cucks, but Trump didn’t actually reveal any state secrets yesterday. He just made some $#!+ up.

Jenna Johnson, WaPo:

As Fox News reported on the controversial transfer of $400 million in cash to Iran in January, it repeatedly played dark, grainy footage of shadowy figures walking off a small private plane with bags in hand. The video is often labeled as being from Jan. 17 in Geneva where three Americans first landed after being released from prison in Tehran.

Republican nominee Donald Trump watched this sort of footage, according to his spokeswoman, and concluded that it showed the controversial money transfer that was described in detail for the first time this week by the Wall Street Journal. At a rally in Daytona Beach, Fla., on Wednesday afternoon, Trump announced that the months-old video had been recorded by the Iranian government and released to embarrass the United States.

See? These Hillary-lovers want you to believe that Trump can’t be trusted with classified information, just because he said this in public right after he started getting those briefings. They claim he’ll just blurt out anything at any time, because he’s insane.

But that’s not what he did. All he did was fabulate a story about a video that doesn’t show what he claims it shows, on a topic of international importance, based on whatever moronic ideas were zipping around in his head at that particular millisecond. Are you really telling me you can’t see the difference, you turncoats?

Hillary Clinton endangered national security by letting state secrets fall into the hands of our enemies. Donald Trump will make up his own state secrets just to keep our foes on their toes. Or, I dunno, for whatever reason he says these things. Who knows? He sure doesn’t. That’s why you should vote for him.