Good News! The Famed Playboy Mansion Is Back On The Market

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Good news to all those fans of the famed Playboy Mansion as it is going back on the market.

The sale of the mansion that’s been the home of Hugh Hefner, the creator of “Playboy” magazine, has fallen through, according to TMZ. The buyer, 32-year-old Daren Metropoulos already lived in the neighborhood and hoped to buy the mansion and fix it up but has backed out after finding out parts of the home would be off-limits to him as long as Hefner was alive. (RELATED: Playboy Mansion Just Sold For More Than $100 Million Dollars)

Playboy magazine president Hugh Hefner (C) poses with models

(photo: PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images)

One of the deals that went with the sale of the home, that went for close to $110 million dollars, was that the buyer would allow Hefner to remain on the property and keep living in the home until his death.

Metropoulus, an heir to the former head of the Pabst beer company, knew this going in but had wanted to start work on the structure of the home and restoring it.

The Playboy corporation felt he was being “unreasonable” in his demands. The two parties went back and forth until the deal fell through Thursday.

The iconic Los Angeles mansion has had beautiful women and celebrities grace the grounds since the early 1970s and will go back on the market Monday.