Report: Pro-Trump Anti-Clinton Spots Dominate Radio For Past Week

Kerry Picket | Reporter

Donald Trump ruled the radio airwaves in terms of ad buys across the country this past week, according to Media Monitors, a local media monitoring service company.

Both the Clinton and Trump campaigns along with super PACs supporting both nominees have been running radio spots in 85 major markets across America from July 29 to August 7.

“In the last ten days, all the radio spots run were either for Donald Trump or Against Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign and the super PACs that support her ran no radio ads from July 29 to August 7, 2016,” Media Monitors said in a statement.

Media Monitors Political Radio Spots

The spots run in favor of Donald Trump were 69 spots by the USA Business Freedom PAC, a PAC “created in California last December by a local chamber of commerce and a large medical group.”

Media Monitors Political Radio Spots

Media Monitors Political Radio Spots

The Great America PAC, an anti-Hillary Clinton Super PAC, ran 239 spots on the radio in the past ten days against Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. According to the Carey Committee, this super PAC is a hybrid PAC/super PAC.

Media Monitors notes that, says that the Great American PAC can have two separate accounts: “one for contributions to federal candidates and parties, and the other for independent expenditures, to which unlimited contributions can be made.”

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