Sheriff David Clarke: Hillary Is ‘All In With The Criminal Element’ [VIDEO]

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blasted Hillary Clinton on Monday for not supporting law enforcement, arguing that she is “all in with the criminal element.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Clarke said, “Everyone running for public office at any level, knows that you want and you have to have the support of not only law enforcement but other first responders. But [Clinton] has made it clear from the convention that she is all in with the criminal element. She doesn’t care about victims of crime. She’s a straight-up cop hater, and so she is, like I said, rolling the dice on not having support of law enforcement.”

“The problem for her is that middle America, mainstream America does not share her sentiment in having sympathy for criminals,” Clarke concluded.

During the same appearance, Clarke also said with Clinton’s “With her getting in bed with this Black Lives movement, this dangerous, hateful ideology, she is taking it out on good, law-abiding black people that live in the American ghetto. They’re the ones who are victimized disproportionately by crime and violence.”

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